About Alona Sharon, P.C.

How is the Law Office of Alona Sharon Different from Other Firms?

1You will receive a level of service and attention that you will not get at any other firm. Every client has Ms. Sharon’s personal cell phone number, and because clients often have questions and problems outside of regular office hours Ms. Sharon is always available to her clients via phone and email. When Ms. Sharon is not in her office all calls are routed to her cell phone. Even when Ms. Sharon is on vacation all calls are sent to her cell phone so that clients receive prompt return phone calls and their needs and concerns can be met. Do not settle for paying an attorney a large fee and then not getting quality service and attention in return. You will never be screened by a receptionist who wants to know why you are calling and what you need before you are able to speak with Ms. Sharon. All calls to the office go directly to Ms. Sharon.

2Ms. Sharon has extensive experience at both the trial and appellate level of practice. It is not uncommon for trial lawyers to refer cases to Ms. Sharon when they require an appeal to be filed before their case reaches trial, also known as an interlocutory appeal. The Law Office of Alona Sharon can provide its clients with representation at both the trial and appellate level should the need arise. This can greatly reduce the cost of your representation and avoid the need for multiple lawyers on one case.

3When you hire Ms. Sharon you get Ms. Sharon. Oftentimes clients will meet with the owner or lead partner of a firm only to find out that someone else will work on the file. This never happens at the Law Firm of Alona Sharon. If you have a court appearance you will never be met by another lawyer who is filling in for Ms. Sharon. Furthermore, Ms. Sharon never uses less experienced lawyers to ‘ghost write’ her legal briefs. Every document is written by Alona Sharon and is not farmed out to someone less experienced.