Testimonials for Alona Sharon, P.C.


My experience in hiring Attorney Alona Sharon has been very gratifying in comparison to the experience that led us to her. She has been so involved and responsive throughout the entire legal process. I am so appreciative that Alona was referred to us because she has matched up to what was presented about her qualities and work ethics. I hope she knows how much her time involved with our case and how much she makes it personal means to our family. I know she cares and that makes this challenge less stressful and feels like we have control behind us. K.C., Warren, MI

I was charged with second degree murder in Wayne County.  Another lawyer represented me at my preliminary examination and the judge ruled that there was not enough evidence to charge me with the crime.  The prosecution decided to appeal the judge’s ruling and my lawyer told me I HAD to hire Ms. Sharon to represent me on the appeal.  Ms. Sharon was incredible.  Not only did she win the appeal but she was incredibly compassionate and patient with me and my wife.  She took a lot of time to explain the appeals process which is very confusing.  My family came to court to watch her argue the appeal and we were all amazed at her ability.  She knew the law inside and out and several weeks later we received a favorable ruling from the judge.  I often refer to Ms. Sharon as my guardian angel. C. W., Detroit, MI.

Alona is an incredible attorney.  She is a fighter and she knows the law better than everyone else in the room.  Alona has helped many of my clients with criminal matters or family law issues and has obtained amazing results.  Alona is a true Courtroom Warrior.  I recommend many of my clients to Alona for criminal or family law matters. Attorney Michael A. Canner, Southfield, MI

Alona is very personable and direct. She takes the time to be very thorough and prepared for filings and court proceedings. She makes herself available and works very hard to keep you informed. She understands the sensitiveness of all involved and makes certain to apply the law to all she serves. K.M., Jacksonville, FL

Ms. Sharon represented me at trial in the Macomb Circuit Court. I was first represented by court appointed counsel but felt that he did nothing to investigate my case. Thankfully I was able to gather the funds to hire Ms. Sharon. In order to prepare for trial Ms. Sharon tirelessly investigated the case and in the process discovered favorable witnesses that the prosecution and the detectives tried to hide from us. At trial she presented expert testimony from an accident reconstructionist that greatly weakened the prosecution’s case. She also got the prosecution’s medical examiner to admit he had no idea how the victim received his injuries or how he died. Ms. Sharon was always prepared and she did a great job of attacking the prosecution’s case. After less than 2 hours of deliberating the jury came back with a NOT GUILTY verdict and I went home a free woman. Ms. Sharon was always patient with me and my many questions and she followed up and investigated every possible witness that I mentioned to her and it paid off. M.T., Shelby Township, MI

When my son was facing legal troubles I didn’t know where to turn, one attorney after another was not producing the results we needed to proceed effectively. Alona Sharon provided us with the expertise and reliability that we strived for in our quest for justice. Alona not only handled my sons case with persistence and drive, we were also informed step by step of the legal process without the legal jargon that average citizens have a hard time comprehending. If results are what you want Alona Sharon is the right person for the job. Angela C. Grand Rapids, MI

The best advice to anyone facing devastating and life altering criminal charges would be to definitely without hesitation hire Alona Sharon, as their representation. Alona possesses skills and knowledge of criminal law that surpasses most. Her boldness and relentless dedication to her client and the law, is what sets her apart from others. My son was facing up to10 years in prison and sex offender registry due to false allegations, without Alona I shudder to think of the outcome. Thank you Alona for all the hard work, dedication, and perseverance you put into my son’s case/life. You truly are a blessing. R.M. Jonesville MI